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Diponegoro University has the right and strong commitment to welcome the future as outlined in the Principal Scientific Pattern (PIP) which is oriented towards Coastal Region Development (Coastal Region Eco-Development). Through the education program, a Compilation Team was formed to propose the opening of the Department of Shipping Engineering S1 in 1998. After going through the Feasibility Study the opening of the Department of Shipping Engineering S1 by conducting comparative studies and surveys, then carefully and carefully studied and arranged so that proposals were then submitted to the Directorate General of Education High in Jakarta. Based on the proposal, the Department of Shipping Engineering S1 was established based on the Decree of the Directorate General of Higher Education No. 3026 / D / I / 2002 dated October 28, 2002 . The next one is stated as the date of birth of the Department of Shipping Engineering S1, Faculty of Engineering, Diponegoro University.
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The Department of Shipping Engineering S1 has made changes to the 2017 curriculum referring to the National Higher Education Standards (SNPT) of Higher Education and KKNI and input from stakeholders , student curriculum is designed so that graduates receive results learning that is ready to apply its knowledge in the world of work.
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To support student learning activities and improve the quality of graduates in the Shipping Engineering Department supported by 6 laboratories and several other facilities in it: Laboratory testing of ship hydrodynamic models, structural testing with material tensile testing, ship design laboratory etc..
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In addition to campus academic activities in supporting soft skills of students in the organizational field, scientific papers and competencies in the maritime field in the department have student organizations and fields including: Himaspal, Nami As-safinah, Hydrotect, RMT solar boat, Ksatria Hydros, english club etc..
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Undip Alumni Department of Undergraduate Shipping Engineering became a unit in the form of the Undip Shipping Alumni Association Association, as a sub-compartment of the Undip alumni association. Alumni participation in supporting the academic activities of the Shipping Engineering Study Program is conducted in the form of: Funding Donations, Engagement in academic activities, Provision of Facilities for Academic activities.
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