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The development of information technology today is very advanced rapidly and unstoppable again. All information can now be delivered anywhere and at any time, do not require a long time to get it. One of them are by Internet or cyberspace. In the cyberspace world we can get all the information if we want, including the maritime technology field and especially Naval Architecture with regardless of the country’s border, hence the development of the maritime technologies can be gained access easily, anytime and anywhere.  In the current era of globalization, especially in the field of maritime technology, we are required to be able to quickly and appropriately to create an efficient engineering design and optimal design, especially in all aspects of naval architecture.  In this site there are a variety of information relating to such ship design journals, software, magazines, classification, universities, laboratories, e-learning, e-book and even scholarships. The existence of this site is a concrete manifestation of the contribution Naval Architecture Program at the Faculty of Engineering Diponegoro University world maritime technology. This can be utilized by the parties – parties involved in the shipping world, especially by students of Engineering Faculty of Engineering Shipping Diponegoro University to assist the academic activities. Eventually Naval Architecture Program Faculty of Engineering of Diponegoro University can be better qualified.

Dr. Eng. Deddy Chrismianto, ST, MT