Pendaftaran Wisuda

Alumni Association

UNDIP Departement of Naval Architecture Alumni become a unit in the form of UNDIP Naval Alumni Association, as a sub compartment of Undip alumni ties.

Alumni participation in supporting the academic activities of the Departement of Naval Architecture is carried out in the form of:

  • Funding Donations

Donations are given to activities on a national scale (national seminar)

  • Involvement in academic activities.

The involvement of Shipping alumni associations in academic activities includes: as a speaker in an academic meeting during Kuliah Kerja Lapangan (KKL), a speaker in a guest lecture, guiding in practical work.

  • Provision of Facilities for Academic activities

To further support academic activities and also maintain friendship between alumni and the Department of Shipping Engineering, a forum is provided for alumni to provide information that can be accessed and to alumni to be able to fill in biodata in this link.

Alumni User Search Activity

Previously, we would like to thank profusely for the cooperation and acceptance of our alumni in your company. Then, in order to complete the accreditation forms from the Department of Naval Architecture at the Faculty of Engineering, University of Diponegoro, we ask the Mr / Mrs Leaders of our Alumni Users to be willing to give an assessment of our alumni who work at the institution / company of Mr / Mrs on the following questionnaire or can be filled in directly via the following online form

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