Evaluation of Learning Outcomes

To ensure a continuous improvement in service quality, it is necessary to evaluate the teaching and learning process (PBM) activities carried out by lecturers. One way that can be used as a tool for evaluating lecturer performance in PBM is by distributing questionnaires to students to assess lecturer performance. Although this method cannot guarantee the quality of a lecturer because other analyzes are still needed, such as the suitability of the course material being taught with the type of competency of the study program and the suitability of the quality of graduates with the needs of the user community, both government agencies, private sector and the social environment. However, by distributing this questionnaire, the results can be used by study programs as feedback on the implementation of the learning process carried out.

To find out the evaluation of learning outcomes can be accessed through SIPMA UNDIP

Student Questionnaire

This questionnaire is used by students to assess the service quality of the UNDIP Naval Architecture Study Program to students.

The results of this questionnaire will be used by the Naval Architecture Study Program to evaluate the quality of service to students to make it even better.

It is hoped that students can fill out this questionnaire truthfully, thank you.

The following is a link to the questionnaire

the results of the questionnaire

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