Safety Department

OSH (Occupational safety and health) is the commitment of the Naval Architecture Department to support the Faculty of Engineering in realizing the ISO 45001 OHS System in the campus environment to create an atmosphere of safe, comfortable and healthy classroom learning activities and laboratory activities as an effort to improve the culture of excellent service to college student

Evacuation route

In an emergency situation the entire academic community of the Naval Architecture Department should understand the evacuation routes in the Lecture Building of the Naval Architecture Department, as for the evacuation routes in Naval Architecture as follows:

OHS Sticker and Danger Signs

To always remind OHS orderly so that it becomes the culture of every UNDIP Naval Architecture academic community in fostering OHS culture in the campus environment, OHS stickers are installed containing instructions or advice on orderly OHS.

Fire Extinguisher

fire extinguisher which functions to extinguish fires in an emergency in the campus environment, especially in the Laboratory room, the Department of Naval Architecture Department has installed a fire extinguisher in each room that is easy to reach, please understand the instructions on how to use the fire extinguisher that has been installed near the fire extinguisher

COVID-19 mitigation

The Department of Naval Architecture Undip took precautions in dealing with the Covid-19 pandemic situation in the campus environment by disseminating prevention procedures and protocols for new normal activities using a media banner that was placed on the corridor on the 1st floor of the lecture building for easy reading by every campus community. In addition, a hand sanitizer area is also provided which is installed in front of the Naval Architecture building.

OHS Poster

OHS posters are installed in each laboratory of the Naval Architecture Department so that it is easy for every laboratory user to understand in creating a comfortable, clean and safe work environment for activities in the laboratory. Important phone numbers are provided on the poster for use in emergency situations.

OHS Documents

The Naval Architecture Department always tries and continues to improve in implementing OHS so that it becomes a habit in every activity. The Naval Architecture Department has OHS supporting documents in realizing a Campus environment with the ISO 45001 OHS System, including:

NoDocument NameDownload
1SOP for Ship Hydrodynamics LabDownload
2– SOP for Ship Structure and Construction Lab
– SOP for the Operation of Impact Testing Equipment
– SOP for Operation of Hardness Testing Equipment
3– SOP for Piping and Ship Engineering Lab
– SOP for Diesel Engine Operation
4Computer aided Ship Design Lab SOPDownload
5– SOP for Welding and Materials Lab
– SOP for Operation of SMAW Welding Machines
6SOP for Small Ship and Fisheries Lab Download
7HIRARC (Hazard Identification, Risk Assessment and Risk Control)Download
8Tool Control FormDownload
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