Tugas Rancang

Tugas Rancang is the task of designing ships, is a major task in the Department of Naval Architecture, the competencies to be achieved in learning and this task so that students are able to plan the ship starting stage of determining the size of the main ship, line plan, hydrodynamic analysis, general plan, stability analysis and the strength of the ship’s structure, this stage is the stage that must be passed in designing the ship with reference to the spiral design concept. so this assignment is ongoing every semester. If the student has completed all the tasks, an examination is called a comprehensive test to the lecturer appointed by the coordinator to test the student’s ability to design the ship that has been made.
The results of the comprehensive examination are prerequisites for taking the final project and the scores obtained are assessed in the Final Assignment Session

In the 2017 curriculum Design Ship Design consists of 4 tasks, among others

Tugas Rencana Garis– Lines Plan
– Hidrostatics and Bonjean
Tugas Desain I– General Arrangemen
– Engine Room Layout
Tugas Desain II– Intact Stability Calcultion
– Damage Stability Calculati
Tugas Desain III– Profile Construction
– Longitudinal Strength

Panduan Tugas Rancang
SOP Tugas Rancang