Undergraduate Program Description

The Department of Shipping Engineering organizes Bachelor degree education

Bachelor degree (S1) Program I, Bachelor degree (S1) Program II. Acceptance of new students for the Regular Bachelor degree (S1) Program I through the PSSB (Academic PSSB, Development and Cooperation PSSB and Arts and Sports PSSB) Ujian Mandiri (UM) I and SNMPTN. Acceptance of new students for Bachelor degree (S1) Program II through the UM II held by Diponegoro University originating from the DIII Program or equivalent and from high school or similar.

The education system is implemented based on Semester Credit Units (SKS) which include theory, laboratory and workshop practices as well as practical work practices, namely in the Dock & Shipyard and International Ship Classification Bureau, including: Indonesian Classification Bureau (BKI-Indonesia), American Bureau of Shipping (ABS-USA), Lloyd Register Of Shipping (LR-England) etc.

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