Vision, Missions, and Goals


 “Becoming a Department of Naval Architecture excels in ship and maritime technology research at the National level and is able to compete at the international level in 2020.”


  1. Organizing superior and professional academic education in the field of ship and maritime technology to produce competitive graduates.
  2. Conducting research and publications regularly for lecturers and students in maritime and maritime technology research and encourage ownership of Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) as an effort to develop shipping and maritime technology.
  3. Implement Community Service with high quality standards to solve community problems in coastal / coastal areas in the field of ship and maritime technology and to help improve community welfare.
  4. Conduct regular evaluations to improve quality, professionalism, capability, accountability and governance as well as independence in the implementation of the Department of Naval Architecture.


  1. Produce graduates who are capable of excelling in applying basic sciences and Ship & Maritime Engineering expertise in the fields of planning, design, implementation, supervision, management, operations and evaluation on the basis of general concepts at the level of simple issues.
  2. Improving Human Resources competencies of Naval Architecture undergraduate program that is aware, capable of competitiveness and capable of lifelong learning and integration.
  3. Improve the quality and quantity of research and publications to be able to innovate in the field of ship & maritime.
  4. Increasing the cooperation of the Department of Naval Architecture with external parties in national or international scope.
  5. Improve the effectiveness of academic and financial service governance in the Department of Naval Architecture.
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