Pioneer ship

Pioneer ship design project in collaboration with the Ministry of maritime transportation to conduct studies on the design of pioneer ships 200 DWT, 500 DWT, and 750 DWT

PVC Vessel

Fishing vessel innovation using a hull made of PVC pipe

Barge Type Garbage Fetching Boat

Innovation of barge ship transporting garbage in rivers and lakes with a conveyor system as a tool for collecting garbage on the surface of the water and provided a hold as a collection place

Catamaran Garbage Carrier Type

Low draft catamaran ship innovation as a garbage carrier in the lake

Patrol boat

The design of a patrol boat made of fiber that is equipped with nets and also functions as a garbage collector in the lake

VIP Fast Boat

Fiberglass VIP fast boat design with Outboard motor engine

Passenger Vessel

Fiberglass Passenger Vessel Design made from Outboard motor engines

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