The Department of Shipping Engineering S1 has made a 2017 curriculum change that refers to the National Higher Education Standards (SNPT) of Higher Education and KKNI and input from stakeholders, the student curriculum is designed so that graduates obtain learning outcomes that are ready to apply their knowledge in the workforce..


Code Course Name Semester I SKS Unduh
UNW0004 Indonesian Language 2 RPS
UNW0005 English Language 2 RPS
TPK21301 Engineering Mathematic I 3 RPS
TPK21302 Introduction of Marine Technology 2 RPS
TPK21303 Engineering Drafting 2 RPS
TPK21304 Computer Programming 2 RPS
  Total SKS
Code Course Name Semester II SKS Unduh
UNW00001 Religion 2 RPS
TPK21305 Theory of Naval Architecture I 3 RPS
TPK21306 Engineering Mathematic II 3 RPS
TPK21307 Thermodynamic 2 RPS
TPK21308 Mechanic Engineering I 2 RPS
TPK21309 Ship Structure I 3 RPS
TPK21310 2D and 3D Computer Modeling 2 RPS
UNW00005 Sport 1 RPS
UNW00003 Nationality 2 RPS
  Total SKS 20  
Code Course Name Semester III SKS Unduh
TPK21311 Ship Design 2 RPS
TPK21312 Material Tecnology 2 RPS
TPK21313 Theory of Naval Architecture II 3 RPS
TPK21314 Mechanic Engineering II 2 RPS
TPK21315 Fluid Mechanic 3 RPS
TPK21316 Ship Structure II 3 RPS
TPK21317 Ship Inner System 3 RPS
TPK21318 Lines Plan 2 RPS
  jumlah SKS 20  
Code Course Name Semester IV SKS Unduh
TPK21319 Welding Tecnology 2 RPS
TPK21320 Research Methodology 2 RPS
TPK21321 Welding Practice 2 RPS
TPK21322 Ship Strength 2 RPS
TPK21323 Ship Resistance 2 RPS
TPK21324 Safety Management 2 RPS
TPK21325 Fishing Ship Technology I 2 RPS
TPK21326 Ship Design Practice I 2 RPS
TPK21327 Ship Equipment 2 RPS
  Total SKS 20  
Code Course Name Semester V
SKS Unduh
TPK21328 Welding Inspection 2 RPS
TPK21329 Welding Engineering Training 2 RPS
TPK21330 Statistic & Probability 2 RPS
TPK21331 Ship Propulsion 3 RPS
TPK21332 Fishing Ship Technology II 2 RPS
TPK21333 Ship Design Practice II 2 RPS
TPK21334 Ship Power Plant 2 RPS
TPK21335 Shipyard Technic & Ship Reparation 2 RPS
TPK21336 Coastal Area management 2 RPS
  Total SKS 19  
Code Course Name Semester VI SKS Unduh
UNW00003 Entrepreneurship 2 RPS
TPK21337 Manajemen & Ship Production Technology 2 RPS
TPK21338 Finite Element Method 3 RPS
TPK21339 Marine Transportation System 2 RPS
TPK21340 Computer Aided Ship Design & Modeling 2 RPS
TPK21341 Ship Design Practice III 2 RPS
TPK21342 Shipboard Electrical l 2 RPS
TPK21343 Marine Survey Regulation and Statutory 2 RPS
  Course Option I 2 RPS
  Total SKS 20  
Code Course Name Semester VII SKS Unduh
TPK21344 Ship Vibration 2 RPS
TPK21345 Control engineering and Production Plan 2 RPS
TPK21346 Hydrodinamic 2 RPS
TPK21347 Marine Structure Analysist 3 RPS
TPK21348 Ship Dynamic 2 RPS
TPK21349 Optimisation Research 2 RPS
UNW00008 Study Service Scheme 2 RPS
  Course Option II 2 RPS
  Course Option III 2 RPS
  total SKS 20  
Code Course Name Semester VIII SKS Unduh
TPK21366 Field Work 1 RPS
TPK21367 Job Training 2 RPS
TPK21368 Final Paper 2 RPS
  total SKS 9  
  Total SKS Graduate Program

Code Matakuliah Pilihan Semester Genap SKS Unduh
TPK21350 Small Ship Design 2 RPS
TPK21351 plat Theory 2 RPS
TPK21352 Speed Vessel Boat 2 RPS
TPK21353 Composite Mechanic 2 RPS
TPK21353 Non Ferro Ship 2 RPS
TPK21355 Control Technic 2 RPS
TPK21356 Shi Design Interior 2 RPS
TPK21357 Fatigue and Split Analysis 2 RPS

Code Matakuliah Pilihan Semester Ganjil SKS Unduh
TPK21358 Corotion 2 RPS
TPK21359 Special Ship 2 RPS
TPK21360 Computational Fluid Dynamics 2 RPS
TPK21361 Machinery Element 2 RPS
TPK21362 Ship Machinery Repair 2 RPS
TPK21363 Underwater Vehicle Technology 2 RPS
TPK21364 Reliability & Risk Analysis 2 RPS
TPK21365 Traditional Ship Technology 2 RPS


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